Springwater Fire Department 
Fire Station & Banquet Hall
For Info on Hall Rental, please contact Dave Holmes @ 585-727-3103
Use the File Above to view Rental Agreement info
The Banquet Hall in the Back of the Station is available for rental, see schedule and rental agreement above.  The Hall is about 3,600 feet, and includes a kitchen, and restrooms.   During Feb 2017 the walls and trim are being painted. We hope to update the floor in the near future.  The costs associated with the Banquet Hall rental is to help cover the costs associated with the maintenance, upkeep, supplies, and other associated costs with a room of this size in nature that gets high use.  Previous to this years rental agreement it was costing us money for others to use the room.  The price is not intended to make money. 
If you have any questions please contact Dave.   Thanks