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Active Members                                 Active Members must be residents of the Springwater Fire District and is at least 18 years of age.  The active member is required to perform                                                                      the full duties of volunteers, including service at fires, emergencies, and attendance at meetings, drills, training and parades.  
                                                                                                                               **For training requirements see below.  
~ Article III. Membership; Section 2. Active Members

Active Staff Members                  Active Staff Members assist with the goals, activities, and functions of the Department.   The active staff members shall have the right to vote and hold                                                                     executive office in the organization.  No active staff member may hold firematic office.
     ~ Article III. Membership; Section 5. Active Staff Member

 Lifetime Members                            Lifetime Members have completed 20 years of active service with the organization.  A life member has earned the privilege to always have a voice                                                                     and vote on matters before the Department. To vote on Firematice office must also meet requirements of Active Members.
~ Article III. Membership; Section 3. Life Members

Restricted Members  (Junior Members)    Restricted Members are an important part of our future. A person must be at least 16 years of age but under 18 years of age, and resident                                                                                           of the Springwater Fire District. Parental or legal guardian permission is required.  
        ~ Article III. Membership; Section 4. Restricted Members.

Social Members                         Social Members participate in Department activities pertaining to fundraising and community service activities.  A social member may be either a resident                                                                    or non-resident of the Springwater Fire District and plays an important role in our ability to accomplish non-fire functions. .  
                                                                                                                     ~ Article III. Membership; Section 6. Social Members

Scholarship Program

 If you are an active member and are attending Community College for your Associate's Degree...  Apply for a scholarship that will cover two of your semesters.  
For the application click here.
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New York State Fire Training Class Requirements for Active Members

NY State Training is required and provided by Livingston County OEM or the NY State Fire Academy.  New members must complete training as listed in our by-laws and application for membership. (Click on Link Above on this page).  There are two current choices for training new members can take and either one completes the requirements.  See the descriptions below, the primary difference is Exterior vs Interior Firefighting.

Basic Exterior Firefighting Operations (BEFO)  (45 Hours)
The student will be provided with the training to support fire activities that arise before, during and after fire attack with respect to their exterior only classification. The student will be exposed to the knowledge and skills pertaining to; Fire, Tool and Scene Safety, Fire Behavior and Development, PPE and SCBA Practices (excluding donning and doffing of SCBA), Communication and Incident Management System (IMS) Principles, Fire Prevention and Investigation Principles, Fire Extinguishers, Hose Practices (excluding fire advancement and attack), Water Supply, Nozzles and Fire Streams, Ground Ladder Operations, Ropes and Knots.

Firefighter I   (104 Hours)
As the initial entry program for firefighting personnel, Firefighter I introduces firefighting concepts, practices and techniques necessary for success within the fire service. 
Based on the Firefighter Level I objectives from NFPA Standard 1001, this course develops knowledge, skills and abilities based on performance criteria for the following topics: fire department organization, firefighter safety, fire behavior, personal protective equipment, self-contained breathing apparatus, fire extinguishers, building searches, forcible entry, ground ladders, ventilation, hose practices, fire streams, and loss control. The course consists of performance criteria in: incident command, building construction, ropes/knots, rescue procedures, forcible entry applications, ventilation practices, fire extinguisher applications, suppression of structural fires, tactics, vehicle suppression, water supply, loss control, fire cause determination, fire department communications, fire suppression systems, hazardous materials, weapons of mass destruction, confined space safety and fire prevention practices.

Department Training
The Department Monthly Meeting is held on the first Wednesday of each month, Training is held the other Wednesdays evening from 6:30 PM – 8PM and on occasional Saturday or Sundays through the year at the Springwater Fire Department.  Members attend as their schedules allow.  Each year every Active Member is required to attend an 8 hour OSHA Safety Class (held on a Saturday or Sunday) and pass a Medical Physical Exam paid for by the District.  For Interior Firefighters it is an annual Physical, for Exterior Firefighters it is every two years.  Wednesday night drills can also count (based on content) for parts of the 8 hour OSHA class.

More Info
It is highly encouraged for anyone who has questions about the training or intends on taking a class to communicate with the Chief.  Classes generally require written permission slips for authorization.  All training is free, all gear is provided.  Often there will be more than one Springwater member taking the class and carpooling often occurs.  We are sensitive to the time constraints we all face, but please note once the BEFO or FF I classes are complete the regular annual requirements are not very time consuming.   We try to have fun during training and at the same time increase our knowledge.

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