The Springwater Fire Department is staff by 100% volunteers who live in our town.  They are just like you, with a full time job, family and other commitments.  We volunteer to give back to our community.  We urge you to join us and help us help our neighbors. Training is not only received through specialized classes but at our weekly drills. Drills consist of Fire and EMS based training that people will benefit from and learn. This gives the active members a time to become familiar with the apparatus and tools. Some drills include EMS skills, Fire Drills, Water rescue, Rope Rescue, & SCBA. Drills are held the 2nd and 3rd Wednesday of the month and our Monthly department meetings are held the 1st Wednesday.Anyone is invited to come down and visit, get an application or check out the hall.  There is always people available on Wednesday nights to answer any questions or to give a tour of our facility.
Rope Rescue Drill
Check out our photos below from previous drills.  Click on the photo to see it in full size view

SCBA Training
EMS Training
EMS Week
Drill Nights
Springwater Fire Department Drill Nights
Tools Training
Rope Rescue
Ice water rescue (2/3/13)
OSHA (3/10/13)
The Springwater Fire Department was formed in 1903 and  incorporated in 1947.  In 2004 the name changed from the Springwater Fire Company, Inc. to the Springwater Fire Department, Inc.  The Department is an all volunteer organization providing fire protection and Certified First Response for all medical calls for the Springwater Fire District.  The Fire District is comprised of the Town of Springwater  and is 53.3 square miles and is home to 2,439 per the 2010 census.

Monthly Membership meetings are held the 1st Wednesday of each month and drills are the scheduled on the other Wednesdays throughout most of the year.
The motto for the Fire Department is "Neighbors Helping Neighbors".  This reflects the nature of our mission.  We are a service organization dedicated to insuring family & friends always have a helping hand.

As any organization, we welcome new members to our ranks.  All training is provided and you can chose to serve as an active fire fighter. Support personnel are an essential part of the organization too.  So  there is a niche for everyone.  See the JOIN US page for details on different types of membership.

Come join us at the Springwater Fire Department.  Applications are available at the Fire Hall which is located on the South side of the Hamlet.  You can choose to be an Active MemberActive StaffRestricted Member, or a Social Member.  A full description of each type of membership is on our website under the Join us tab.  When you are finished reading the descriptions you can print the application at the bottom by clicking on the link.  Upon completion of the application you can drop if off at the hall any time you see a member there.
Springwater Fire Department 
Proudly serving the Town of Springwater, New York
August 2016 Annual Refresher