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Springwater Fire District Commissioners

                   Tom VanScooter, Chair
                   Bill Fields   
                   Kevin Goddard 
                   Dave Holmes
                   Bob Wyatt 
                   Teresa King, Secretary/Treasurer
Springwater Fire Department 
Proudly serving the Town of Springwater, New York
                 Line Officers

Chief:                            Steve Ayers
1st  Asst Chief:            John Goddard
2nd Asst Chief:            Rick Tripp
Captain                         Mike Edwards    
Captain                         Brian Nadeau
Fire Police Captain     Jamie Sparks

PO Box 289 8145 South Main Street Springwater, NY 14560

Civil Officers

                           President:                  Dave Holmes
                           Vice President:          Tom Canute Jr.
                           Treasurer:                  Janine Migliore
                           Secretary:                  Sue Sahrle
                           Board Members:       Tom Canute Sr.
                                                                                 Bob Sahrle            
                                                               Danielle VanScooter

Non-Emergency 585-669-9342    Emergency 911
"Neighbors Helping Neighbors"